How to Safely Pack Dishes for Moving

Packing dishes shouldn’t be a stressful part of moving. Whether you have a few sets of fine China or are an avid collector, your delicate dishes can be protected and cared for if you follow a few simple steps.

Materials needed

Reinforced cardboard box

These boxes are your best bet at protecting your dishes as you move from point A to point B. Also known as dish boxes, these corrugated have duty boxes are great, however, if you opt to use regular cardboard boxes, be sure to insulate your dishes with the method below.

Acid free, ink free, white packaging paper

This type of paper is cheap and accessible in most home improvement stores and craft stores. White paper is a great first layer of protection, and unlike newspapers, it won’t leave ink stains on your dishes.

Bubble wrap

Fun to pop and great at protecting. Bubble wrap is a low cost solution to cushioning your dishes from bumps along the road.

Packing Tape

A roll of quality packing tape will hold down both the white paper and bubble wrap, preventing unravelling as you travel.

Red marker and Black marker.

Labelling the boxes is important. In black you will write “DISHES” and in red write “HANDLE WITH CARE

The Method

Step One: Create a large enough place to pack. Once done get all your materials ready and at arms reach.

Step Two: Reinforce the central bottom line of your box with tape. Then crumple some packing paper to pad the inside.

Step Three: Stack some packing paper on your packaging station. Take your dishes and place them on top. Start working from the corners going in as you wrap your plates. Use tape to secure the paper.

Step Four: Add the bubble wrap to individual plates. Secure with the tape.

Step Five: Place your wrapped up dishes into the boxes one by one. Stack them on their edges and not flat. Insert extra cushioning in between the rows of plates using packing paper or cloths.

Step Six: Test your packing skills by shaking the box a little. If there is some movement add more padding and test again up until the dishes no longer shake.

Step Seven: Close and seal the top of your box. Take the black marker and label it “DISHES“, then use the red and write “FRAGILE. HANDLE WITH CARE.” on two sides of the box. Do this for all your dish boxes.

Safety tips to Remember

  • As you pack your dishes, perform a quick inspection for cracks, chipping and any other defects. This will help you prioritize more fragile dishes and save them from further degradation.
  • You’ve heard the expression “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, well here is another one, “don’t put all your dishes in one box”. Prevent accidents and keep the weight below 40lbs.
  • Always handle the boxes with extreme care no matter how thoroughly insulated they are.

We hope that this information is helpful to you as you pack your dishes. However if you desire a professional handling your delicates, then give Amber Movers a call. Happy packing.