How to Move Couches Through Small Doors

Whether for residential or small business moving, many struggle to move their couches through small doorways when moving into a new house or buying a new couch. It seems that sofas are always too large for the opening, making the problem worse with protruding legs, arms, and seats.

If you plan and know how to use your couch, you’ll probably be able to get it through an opening that doesn’t appear to be large enough.

Some Of the Tools and Supplies You May Need
  • • Nail or Another Sharp Item
  • • Notepad and Pen
  • • Hammer
  • • Measuring Tape
  • • Work Gloves
  • • Lifting Straps
  • • Large Towel
Remove Cushions & Legs

Since even a small couch can weigh up to 100 pounds, two strong individuals are required for this project. Sofa beds can weigh up to 350 pounds, as can many conventional sofas. All cushions, throw pillows, and other excess items should be removed from the sofa to minimize its weight and make the process easier.

Removing the legs of the couch can also help a lot with the process. It will minimize the dimensions of the couch and make it easier to get it through the door.

Measure The Dimensions Of The Couch

You need to measure the couch’s outer dimensions with a measuring tape and note down all measurements. Using its leading edges is the best method to determine the couch’s absolute maximum size. From the floor to the peak of the couch’s back, measure the height with the measuring tape.

Measuring the distance between one arm of the couch and its opposite arm is one way to determine its width. Measure the distance between the points of measurement that is the greatest between them. Measure depth from the front to the back.

Take Measurements Of All Openings

Your couch may need to be moved through a small doorway, a hallway, a stairwell, or an elevator door, depending on the dimensions of the passageways.

When measuring the openings, use a tape measure to determine their height and width. Measure the dimensions and record them on a piece of paper.

Make A Plan Based On Measurements

Before picking up the couch, it’s important to plan on paper. By doing so, you will be able to prevent injury to yourself and damage to your property.

If your couch is less than 80 inches wide, it should be moved vertically as door openings are usually around 80 inches high, including the door stops.

If your couch has a height of depth of less than 29 inches, it should be moved horizontally through a door because interior door openings tend to be 29 1/4 inches wide and exterior door openings are usually around 35 inches wide, including door stops.

Remove The Doors

Ideally, the interior doors should be removed before moving the couch. Door hinges on interior doors can be removed without having to unscrew the hinges from the door or the frame.

Using a sharp item or nail, tap upwards from the bottom to remove the hinge pins on a door. Pull out each pin completely, then move the door sideways.

You may want to measure from one doorstep to the closest edge of the door when it is the furthest from the wall when opened if you do not want to remove the door. When a door is left in place, as much as 1 1/4 inches of door opening width is lost.

Move The Couch Vertically Or Horizontally

You should always wear gloves and lift a couch by its frame when moving it through a narrow room. Both movers may have to wear lifting straps when moving heavy couches. Using a towel beneath the couch, you can prevent the couch fabric from getting damaged if you can move the couch vertically.

If you move the couch straight through the doorway or hook it in a hooking motion, the back of the seat should be the first part of the couch to enter the doorway. When the couch can be carried straight out in an upright position, moving it horizontally and level is straightforward.

Don’t Be Afraid To Call The Movers

If you are really struggling to squeeze your couch through the door, it might be a good idea to call in professional movers to help you out. Their years of experience will help them find the perfect solution to moving your couch.

Get in touch with Anber Movers today to get your couch through that small door opening!