5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Move by Yourself

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With so many people moving, one thing remains clear: when you move you need the right people for the job. Moving is stressful, time-consuming, and can result in stolen, missing, or damaged property.

So here are five reasons why you should not move by yourself:

#1 – Moving by yourself takes up too much time and labor

Up until you need to move you never know how much property you have accumulated over the years. You are proud of how much you have, and you rightfully should be. But are you also proud of how much labor you have ahead of yourself?

Will you have the weekend for it all? Will you have enough hands to package it all? Will you have the right equipment for it all? Speaking of equipment, how many more times will you use that specialized equipment?

#2 – DIY moving excludes the right equipment for your valuables

Here’s the deal. The only tools that you have are your arms, back and an overestimated motivation level. To be fair you could be in great shape, but that’s not enough. You will need boxes, but what kind? You will need packaging tape, but what kind? You will need moving blankets which you may have never even heard of. No shame here at all, because we know that you care for your belongings and want to preserve their quality, even if you’ve never known about moving blankets.

The right moving company will have the right equipment for your valuables. They can package it properly, stack it right, and move it steadily to where you are going.

#3 – Moving Companies are insured for damages, but you’re not

So you grab the kids or your buddy on the weekend to move your belongings to the truck you borrowed or are renting. During the move, the possibility of dents, scrapes, cuts, and tears (yours and the furniture’s) runs high. Of course, you meant to be careful, but then life just happens.

A professional moving company such as our own can be held liable for any damage that occurs. We guarantee that accidents are rare, but in the event that it happens, our honesty policy will cover all that needs a remedy.

#4 – Moving is a dangerous job

Moving requires heavy lifting, which is a skill in itself. Through the DIY method, you may not properly lift with your back, you probably won’t wear safety gloves, and you certainly won’t have the years of experience to move in the most safe way possible.

Property such as recliners, fish tanks, refrigerators, and many more are heavy. Proper moving protocol protects both the movers and the goods. Imagine the headache from broken goods, a broken back, or a broken wallet from avoidable hospital bills. Trust us, it’s not worth it.

#5 – Without movers you won’t have time for friends or family

Moving to a new place is always a big special moment. It is a huge moment for you and everyone you are close to. If you are moving far, there are farewells that need to be made. By the time you finish moving in by yourself, you will be too exhausted mentally and physically to spend that meaningful time with friends and family to celebrate the big move and say all your goodbyes.

We’ve Got Your Back

These are just a few reasons why moving on your own is not desirable. If you want more reasons to move with Amber Movers, just contact us and we will help you. Big or small we will handle it all.