Tips For A Successful Office Move

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Moving an office is complex. There are so many moving parts: people, furniture, personal effects, documents, decor, telecom services, which if not managed correctly can be the biggest logistical nightmare your business is yet to encounter. To help you manage this process, we’ve listed four tips that have the biggest impact on the move.

Get Estimates From Commercial Movers

To save precious resources, begin your office relocation by obtaining quotes from commercial movers. Having estimates will help you establish a budget, which you can reference when creating your final decision. Once you have established your budget, begin to narrow the list by determining the quality of service from each of the movers on your list. Ideally, you want the best movers for your budget. A good mover will have insurance, an experienced team, and offer a consultation to help you better prepare for the move.

Establish A Moving Committee

What may seem like a trivial task now could help you mitigate needless costs and downtime later. Your moving committee should consist of staff and management that will become central to the move, overseeing the entire process.
They should coordinate the move: setting up communication with the movers and overseeing the relocation of telecom services to limit downtime.

Pack Non-Essentials First

As your moving day approaches, begin packing non-essential items first. Artwork, decor, and marketing material should be the first to be put into boxes. You can also ask employees to remove personal effects from their desks, so there isn’t as much confusion closer to the date of relocation.
If you have the resources, set up a team to begin decluttering your office to ensure you’re not moving redundant items.

Consider Storage

To avoid your office becoming one big storage unit while you’re relocating, consider using commercial storage as a thoroughfare. The more you pack, the more you store, then once your relocating begins, your movers can move from the storage unit without disrupting the office.

Choose Us To Conduct Your Move

As a national mover with 17 years of experience, we have helped hundreds of businesses conduct a stress-free and quick move. In that same vein, we offer free estimates and planning to ensure your business relocation is swift. Our offer extends to businesses nationwide. Regardless of the distance between your offices, we can help you move. Contact us today to get your estimate and assistance with planning.